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Merchant Venturer Among the Sea Gypsies

ISBN :   9789747534092
WL Order Code :    E22118
  Ainsworth, Leopold

Merchant Venturer Among the Sea Gypsies


This report is a seminal work on the Moken nomads and Lower Burma written by a businessman studying the area for its economic potential. The author’s ability to describe and penetrate into the very heart of the social and economic life of the Mergui Archipelago’s inhabitants makes this work both entertaining and very informative. Ainsworth describes the land, sea bed, and forests of many of the Moken islands, as well as the trade relations established on the basis of local products. His ethnological observations on disappearing funeral rituals and the love relationships between members of the different populations are of particular interest. His descriptions of Victoria Point, the lovely city of Mergui, and other picturesque villages will certainly be appreciated by travelers. Much of what he describes is still there but it is in great need of conscientious maintenance and adaptation work.

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