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Ways of Perception
ISBN :   9789744800923
WL Order Code :    E22483
Price :    Euro11.05
Print :   Bangkok 2006,
Size :   158 pp., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.400 kg
  Durrer, Hans

Ways of Perception
:On Visual and Intercultural Communication
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This book comprises three essays that will give you a good understanding of intercultural communication, of linguistic relativity, and of documentary photography. These texts will help you to communicate effectively across cultures by making you aware of the various verbal and non-verbal forms in which communication takes place, by helping you to conceive of culture as man-made, constantly changing and not necessarily determined by geography but by “common ground”, and by demonstrating that the key for bridging cultural differences lies not so much in “expertise” in foreign cultures but in self-knowledge. This work will also raise your language-awareness for it deals with questions such as: Does the language we speak determine how we see the world? Can we, by working on our language, influence our world-view? Do languages differ more in how they are used than in what they could potentially express? Moreover, this text will enhance your ability to understand pictures by explaining the phenomenon of seeing through a lens, by elaborating on the complexity of reading photographs, and by demonstrating that a picture does not always tell more than a thousand words, yet that more often we need a thousand words to understand a picture.

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