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Surveying and Exploring in Siam,
ISBN :   9789748496221
WL Order Code :    E21727
Price :    Euro15.30
Print :   Bangkok 1994, repr. from 1900;
Size :   235 pp., illus., 2 folded charts, 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.440 kg
  McCarthy, James

Surveying and Exploring in Siam,
:With Descriptios of Lao Dependincies and of Battles Against the Chinese Haw
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This is an enchanting record of the personal observations of the main architect of Siam’s territorial surveying efforts. James McCarthy was the Siamese Government adviser who took on the bewildering task of defining exactly what Siam’s territories were. From 1881 to 1893 he struggled in the jungles of Northern Siam and present-day Laos against fever and lack of food, and against the pillaging Chinese Haw bandits, to produce the first map of Siam made to scale. Here is a rich world of information about the small states and peoples in Siam’s Lao dependencies, and on the early movements and trading of the hill tribes. McCarthy was a privileged eye-witness to the violent definitive settlement with the Chinese Haw and to the opening up of Siam’s interior to trade and development.

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