Arts of Asia 1989-1998

March-April  1989
Volume 19 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath

Japanese Art At The  Los Angeles County
Museum Of Art
The Pavilion For Japanese Art
Japanese Buddhist Sculpture And Painiing
Archaeological Objects, Ceramics And Lacquer Works
Japanese  Paintings
Japanese Prints  
Netsuke And Inro
Behind The Scenes 15 
Saleroom News
Galerie  Koller  Zurich 
November 1988 Sales Held In Hong Kong   
Japanese Sales At Sotheby’s New York
Chinese Sales At Christie’s London 
Collectors Column
The Art Of Ganjifa: Traditional  Indian  Card  Game   
Stage Painter Chao Shin-Ying 

George Kuwayama       94
Joe D. Price        96
Donald F. Mccallum       98

George Kuwayama       108
Robert T. Singer       119
Bruce Coats       135
Virginia G. Atchley       146
Arts Of Asia       155

 Antoinette Koller       158
Michael Markbreiter       159
Annette Alvarez       166
Colin Sheaf        168

B.N. Aryan       175
Liu Hai-Hsiang       180

January-February 1990
Volume 20 Number 1
Price 1,500 Bath

Sarnath: In The Foootsteps Of The Budha 
Arhats And Mahasiddhas In Himalayan
Sculptures From Sanghol: 
A Monumental Discovery
Ancient Sculptures Of Nias
Heian And Mine Temples In Uji, Japan 
Art Gallery Corridor In A Chines Imperial Garden 
Saleroom News
Christie’s Swire: Inaural Auctions
Of Chinese Art In Hong Kong
Sotheby’s New York: The Magnificent Jewels
Of  Luz Mila Patino, Countess Du Boisrouvray
Sotheby’s New York: Pre-Columbian Gold
From The Boisrouvray Collection
Collectors World
The Singkawang Dragon Kiln
In West Kalimantan, Indonesia 
Charles Wirgman: Rediscovered In The Saleroom 

Manju Kar       62
Pratapaditya Pal       66

K.M. Srivastava       79
Kalpana Sulaiman       92
Victor Dove       103
Liu Hai-Hsiang       111

Susan Bradehoff       117

Valerie Vlasaty       123

 Fatma Turkkan-Wille       127

Naniek Harktiningsih       137
Colin Sheaf       141

March-April 1990
Volume 20 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath


Japanese Combs And Hairpins
A Study Of Netsuke And  Metalworking Techniques In Japan 
From Jomon To Sankama:
Ceramic Treasures In The Idemitsu Museum Arts
Wagashi: Sweet Inspirations The Year Round
Suggested By Toraya Sweet Shop
Treasures Of The Fuji Art Museums 
Behind The Scenes 18
Saleroom News
Japanese Sales At Chirstie’s New York
Chinese Sales At Sotheby’s Hong Kong
Collectors World
Traditional Body Ornaments From The Naga Hills
 “Art Of The 1980’s In Japan”

Sharon Ziesnitz And Gerd Lester     86

Jim Keloso      97

Alan Dwight    105
Karen Schmitt      117
Sir Hugh Cortazzi      125
Arts Of Asia      132

Sebastian Izzard     135
Stephen Markbreiter Jr      140

 Anita Herle     154
 Michel Sourgnes     167

May-June 1990
Volume 20 Number 3                        
Price 1,500 Bath


The Oriental Collections In The Burrell Collection, Glasgow
Introduction To The Oriental Collections
Egyption And Mesopotamian  Antiquities 
The Chinese Bronzes
Chinese Ceramics: Tenth To Fourteenth Century
Oriental Carpets   
Asian Domestic Embroideries 
Saleroom News
Christie’s London: Chinese Ceramics  And Works Of Art 
Sotheby’s New York: Japanese Works Of Art,
Prints, Paintings And Screens 
Collectors World 
The Opera Figure Paintings of Kuan Liang
A Commentary On Tibetan Carpets 

 Rosemary A. Watt      94
Nicholas J. Pearce      96
James K. Thomson   108
Shelagh Vainker   116
Rosemary E. Scott    121
Jennifer M. Scarce   130
Aldyth M . Cadoux   138

Colin Sheaf   146

Nyr Indictor  150

Hua I-He  163
Thomas J. Cole  166

May-June 1990
Volume 20 Number 6                        
Price 1,500 Bath


Yu Chih-Chen (Yu Zhizhen):
China’s Most Popular Woman Artist
Reads In The Philippines  
Wand Shu-Sen:  China’s Master Jade Carver
Traditional Art Of Hawaii
The Art Of Socialist Realism In North Korea
Aspects Of Buddhist Paitings In The Monasries  Of Ladakh  
Chinese Eating Kits
Saleroom News
Christie’s London: Chinese Ceramics
And Works Of Art In May 
Sotheby’s New York: Chinese Paintings In May
Chirstie’s London: Chinese Ceramics And Works Of Art In June  
Chiristie’s Melbourne: The Brake-Lau-Eckermann
Southeast Asian Collection In September
Collectors World
The Visual Poetry Of Toko Shinoda
Peking’s Women Sculptors
Clues To The Tun-Huang Mystery  

Liu Hai-Hsiang   93
Peter Francis, Jr   97
Chao Ch’ing-Hua   108
Julian And Barbara Harding   114
Barry Till   123

Elena Tasseva   128
Philip H. Lewis   134

Mike  Bruhn   140
Angela Hsu   143
Colin Sheaf   146

Terry Ingram   150

Mary S. Tolman   159
Sally Taylor   162
Hsi Yung-Nien And Chao Hung  164

January-February 1991
Volume 21 Number 1                        
Price 1,500 Bath


Classic Furniture In The Paulino Que Collection  
Borobudur: Art And Religion 
Bridges Of Imperial Vhina 
Islamic Swords Of The Southern Philippines
Saleroom News
Christie’s Swire: Chinese Sales In Hong Kong
In October, 1990 
Christie’s Swire: Books, Manuscripts
And Early  Photographs  
Sotheby’s New York: Magnificent  H.R.H Prince Dimitri
Jewelry In October, 1990
Sotheby’s Hong Kong: Fine Modern Chinese
Paintings In November, 1990 
Collectors World
Palm Leaf Manuscripts Of Myanmar (Burma)

Ramon N. Villegas   69
Marcello Tranchini   80
Peter Coyne   95
Robert Cato 104

Stephen Markbreiter, Jr   114

Michael Ludgrove  120

Of Yugoslavia  123

Arnold Chang   125

Noel F. Singer   133

March-April 1991
Volume 21 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath      


The Quest For Satsuma Ware
Japanese Paintings In The
Yamatane Museum Of Art In Tokyo
A Textile Treasury In The Seattle Art Museum 
The Woodblock Prints Of Kawase Hasui     
Musha Ningyo:
A Disappearing Samurai Heritage
Appreciating The Japanese Sword 
Saleroom News
Christie’s New York:
Japanese And Korean Sales In October 1990 
Sotheby’s Hong Kong November 1990 Sales:
1. Ceramics
2. Jadeite Jewellery
Collectors World
Minangkabau “Cloth Of Gold” 
The International Snuff Bottle Society’s Convention       
      In Hong Kong And The Kaynes-Collection Part Ii  

Jean Goldstein     86

Sir  Hugh Cortazzi     96
William Jay Rathbun   106
Erin Warren   116

Pascale Chasseux Bassan   124
Leon Kapp   134

Seabastian Izzard   142

David Priestley    146
Lisa Hubbard    149

F. Kunang Helm    157
Louis H. Exstein    164

May-June 1991
Volume 21 Number 3
Price 1,500 Bath


Gems Of China’s Cultural Relics
Birds And Animals As Ming And
Ch’ing Badges Of Rank
Ch’ing Dynasty Imperial Enamelled Glassware
Late Ch’ing Dynasty Opium Boxes   
Collecting Ming Furniture Of Huang Hua-Wood  
Saleroom News
Sotheby’s London: Chinese Ceramics And
Works Of Art In December 1990
Christie’s Swire: First Day Of Chinese Sales
In Hong Kong In March 1991
Vietnamese Ceramics:
An Introduction To Ly And Tran Monochromes   
Collectors World
Natural History Drawings Of Southeast Asia
Nineteenth Century Mark And Period Chinese Porcelain

Ai  His   76

Schuyler V.R. Cammann   88
Chang Lin-Sheng    95
Catherine Pagani    110
Shing Yiu Yip   119

Henry Howard-Sneyd   125

Jenny Marsh   128

John  tevenson   132

Yu-Chee  Chong   149
D.S. Freedman   154

July-August 1991
Volume 21 Number 4
Price 1,500 Bath


Northern Thailand: Legacies Of The Lanna Thai Kingdom
The Paulino Que Collection Of Philippine Paintngs  
Carved Sword Hilts From Nias
The T.T. Tsui Gallery Of Chinese Art
Raku: The Beauty Of Imperfection
Saleroom  New
Christie’s Swire: The Second Day Of Chinese
Sales In Hong Kong In March 
Sotheby’s New York: Indian Paintings And Indian
And Southeast Asian Art In March
Sotheby’s Japan: Walter Amstutz Collection
Of Japanese And Chinese Prints 
Two Portaits Of The Thipteenth Dalailama
Collectors World
Helen Perrell And The Chinese Badge
The Art And Craft Of Patta Painting 

Victor Dove   52
 Emmanuel Torres   64
 Kalpana Kartik Sulaiman   76
Nick Pearce   85
Gerd Lester   90

Jenny Marsh   97

Carlton C. Rochell, Jr   100

Carlos Prata   104
Gennady Leonov   108

Tuyet Nguyet & Stephen  Markbreiter   128
Sarat Chandra   139

November-December 1991
Volume 21 Number 6
Price 1,500 Bath


Hong Kong In Trasition: Opening Of The  New Hong Kong Museum 

Tuyet Nguyet &
Stephen Markbreiter  83
Hong Kong Museum Of Art Urban & Council
An Introduction To The Historical Pictures Collection
Some Interesting Items In The  Chinese Antiquties Section 
The Collection Of Chinese Painting And Calligraphy 
“Too French”: The Inaugural Exhibition  Of Contemporary French Art
Saleroom News
Sotheby’s New York: Chinese Paintings In May
Phillips London: Chinese Ceramics Works 
Of  Art In June  
Classic Chinese Furniture In Tzu-t’an Wood
Collectors World
The World Of Tribal Art-A Report On The June 1991
Sales In London And Some Notes For New Collectors
The Story Of The Lao Nua “Long Rolls”
Ada Yau Lau Kwau-Yau    92
 Ho Kam-Chuen   106
Christina Chu   112

Gerard Tsang   124

Arnold Chang   132

Desmond Healey   135
Grace Wu Bruce   138

Julian Harding   162
Collin Piprell   168

January-February 1992
Volume 22 Number 1
Price 1,500 Bath

Japanese Sword Guards In The Vancouver Museum   
Menuki-The Magnificent Miniatures Of Japan
Zen Philosophy In The Japanese Tea Ceremony  
The Mingeikan Musemu In Tokyo
Raku: The Beauty Of Imperfection
“A Taste For The Orient”: Queen Mary ii And The Porcelain Collection At Kensington Palace  
The Divine Couple In Himalayan Art
Saleroom News 
Sotheby’s London: The Major Major James Starr
Collection Of  Postage Stamps Of China 
Christie’s Swire: Chinese  Sales In Hong Kong In September And October 1991 
Sleeping Celadons Of Vietnam  
Prince And Princess  Takamado At The Netsuke Convention In San Francisco 
Collectors  World
Nihonga Versus Zenga
The History Of Chinese Blue And White Porcelain Updated 

Paula  Swar    61
R.B. Caldwell    70
Gerd Lester    78
Sir Hugh Cortazzi    87
Gerd Lester    90

Joanna Marschner    95
Pratapditya Pal   102

Amanda Stucklin    110

 Jenny Marsh   114
Margaret & Dean Hancock   130

Ted Adameck   134

Earle J. Stone   136
Hsu  I-Ho   142

March-April 1992
Volume 22 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath

Tea Bowls Of The Himalayan Mongolian Peoples
Jade: Emperor Ch’ien Lung’s Collection In The Palace Museum, Peking
The God Vishnu-Concept, Forms  And Images In Uttar Pradesh
Behind The Scenes 20  
Other Mandarin Squares: Korean, Annamese And
Unfamiliar Examples
Saleroom News 
Stuttgart Auction House Dr Fritz Nagel: Asian Art In
October 1991
Sotheby’s Hong Kong:October 1991 Sales  
Christie’s New York: Chinese  Ceramics And Works
Of Art In November 1991
Collectors  World
The Paintings Of Wu Kuan-Chung 
Matting And Mounting Your Own Prints 

Robert H. Sheeks   72

Yang Po-Ta    81

Sheo Bahadur Singh    95
Arts Of Asia   110

Schuyler V.R. Cammann   115

Samantha Taylor    128
Jenny Marsh  130

Michael C. Hughes   137

Arts Of Asia   150
Earle J. Stone    155

July-August 1992
Volume 22 Number 4                 
Price 1,500 Bath


Miniature Works Of Art, The Simone Hartman collection 
Additional Notes On The Chinese Water-Pipe
Phillippine Santos In The  Paulino Que Collection Regalado
Kumbum Lamasery Sacred Tibetan Buddhist Centre
Macau’s Heritage The Guia Lighthouse
Tomb Sculpture Of The Northern Wei Dynasty   
Saleroom News 
Sotheby’s Taipei: Modern Tuyet Nguyet And
Chinese Art In March, 1992
Christie’s Amsterdam: The Vung Tau
Cargo Chinese Export  Porcelain
Christie’s Swire: Chinese Spring Sales In Hong Kong 
Collectors  World
Mandala In Modern Indian Painting  
The Tai Experience Revealed By Its Textiles

Coral Conover   52
Massimo Baistrocchi   61
Trota Jose   70
Barry Till    84
Cesar Guillen-Nunez    92
Michael Banks  102

Stephen Markbreiter  111

Colin Sheaf  117
John Cairns  119

Elena Tasseva-Schmidt  132
Linda Lynton  139

January-February 1993
Volume 23 Number 1                        
Price 1,500 Bath


‘92 Beijing International Auction And China
Treasures ’92, Shanghai 
Classical Chinese Furniture In The Nelson-Atkins
Museum Of Art
Kodo, The Japanese Incense Game
Gardens Of Kyoto
The Lapannese Art Of Illumination  
Tsuba, Handguards Of The Japannese Sword
Early Photography And The Decline Of Traditional Japanese Art   
Saleroom News 
Christie’s Swire September 1992:
Chinese Sales In Hong Kong
Sotheby’s New Delhi:Indian,European And Oriental Paintings And Works Of Art
Collectors  World
Indian And Indigenous Gold, Related Seals And Beads In Southeast Asia  
The Synagogues Of South India
In Quest Of The Goddess Of Batik, The Work Of Two Chinese Artists 

Tuyet Nguyet And John Cairns    55

John Chua    62
Gerd Lester    70
Sir Hugh Cortazzi    76
Timothy Mertel    87
R.B. Caldwell    95

Richard Lane   102

 John Cairns  109

Beth Mchattie   115

Tom White   127
Nathan Katz   131

Chu Mei-Yueh   135

July-August 1993
Volume 23 Number 4
Price 1,500 Bath

Imperial China: Ritual Immortality And The Afterlife
Revival Of Buddhism In Mongolia
Interior Decoration In Ming Dynasty China
Chinese  Figure  Painter Jiang Zhaohe   
The Sites And Stucco Figurines Of Nalanda 
The Straits Chinese And Their Jewellery
Saleroom News 
Sotheby’s Hong Kong: April 1993 Chinese Sales
Christie’s London: Islamic Art, Indian Minatures,
Rugs And Carpets On April 27th And 29th, 1993   
Collectors  World
Mongolian And Tibetan Saddle Rugs   
The Catholic Shrines Of Agra 

Alan Dwight   46
Elena Tasseva-Schmidt   59
Grace Wu Bruce   64
Weihe Chen And Keith Pratt   77
K.M. Srivastava   90
Edmond Chin  100

Arts Of Asia  109

William Robinson  115

Enrico Gambacorta   128
Gauvin Bailey   131

September-October 1995
Volume 25 Number 5                        
Price 1,500 Bath
Sagemono Partnerships
The Golden Age Of Satsuma (1800-1850)
The Circle And The Sword:
A Personal Account Of Japanese Sword Study  
The Chishakuin, Kyoto:
Momoyama Painting At Its Finest  
Chinese  Actresses:
A Brilliant Triumvirate  
Saleroom News 
Sotheby’s New York: Chinese Paintings  And 
Calligraphy On March 22nd, 1995
Sotheby’s London: Islamic Week Sales
April 26th And 27th,1995
Christie’s Hong Kong: Spring 1995 Sales   
Sotheby’s Hong Kong: Chinese Series Sales
May 2nd To 4th,1995   
Collectors  World
Stone Sculptures Of The Nothern Wei Dynasty  
The Scholar’s Rock    

Edward Wrangham    66
Gerd Lester    80

George E. Welch    87

Sir Hugh Cortazzi    93

Emily Byrne Curtis   99

Elizabeth Hammer   106

Arthur Millner   110
Susan Munro   115

David Priestley  122

Michael Banks   134
Edith I. Frankel   138

January-February 1997
Volume 27 Number 1                        
Price 1,500 Bath


Painted Tibettan Furniture
Traditional Myanmar Pottery 
Opium Lamps-Variations On The Opium Smoking Theme
Tobacco Pipe Curities Of The Orient  
Saleroom News  Sotheby’s New York:
Chinese Ceramics, Furniture And Works Of Art On September 18th,1996 
Indian And Southeast Asian Art On September 19th,1996
Japanese Works Of  Art On September 20th,1996 
Christie’s New York: 
And Chinese Paintings, Calligraphy And Rubbings On September 18th,1996
The Former Museum Of Classical Chinese Furniture Collection On September 19th,1996  
Cantonese Opera Costumes In Canada:Traditions Preserved Far From The Homeland
Six Years Index 1991-1996     

Tony Anninos    47
Ma Thenegi And Broman    66
James Dickie    71
Benjamin Rapaport    78

Hugo Keith Weihe    88
Jeanne De Guardiola   92
Gretchen Good   97

Laura Whitman    101

Robert P. Piccus    105

 Elizabeth Lominska Johnson   112
Ursula  Roberts   136

May-June 1997
Volume 27 Number 3                        
Price 1,500 Bath


Preface  Shanghai Museum
The Chinese Bronze Gallery 
The Chinese Sculpture Gallery  
The Chinese  Seal Gallery
The Chinese Painting Gallery  
The Chinese Jade Gallery 
The Chinese Cermics Gallery  
The Chinese Furniture Gallery   
The Chinese Coin Gallery
Expattiate Art Of The Laotian Hmong

Saleroom News
Sotheby’s New York:
Chinese Snuff Bottles On March 17th,1997  
Chinese’s New York:
The Jingguantang Collection Part ii Of  Chinese Ceramics And Works Of Art On March 20th,1997
Collectors  World
Random Thoughts On The Art Of  Tray Landscapes In China  Some Early Qing Court Paintings And Engravingsx

Ma Chengyung    56
Chen Peifeng    58
Ji Chongjian    68
Sun Weizu    74
Zhong Yinlan    76
Zhu Shuyi     82
Lu Minghua   88
Wang Zhengshu   96
Zhou Xiang  102
Phillip Courtenay And
Maria Wronska-Friend  104

Robert  Kleiner   112

Simone And Alan Hartman  116

Christopher X.C. Chu  130
Tang Hing-Sun 136

January-February 1998
Volume 28 Number 1                        
Price 1,500 Bath

Message From
Geronimo Berenguer De Los Reyes, Lr.
Chairman Of The Board Of Directors
Gbr Foundation And Museum

Origins Of The Gbr Museum
Rare Book And Map Room  At The Gbr Museum
Remembering A Glorious Past:
The Gbr Museum Photographic Collection   
Ceramics From The Chinese Antique
Collection Of The Gbr Museum  
An Array Of Choreographic
Colours: Later Chinese Glass    
Saleroom News
Asia Week In New York  
Sotheby’s New York:
Indian And Southeast Asian Art September 24th,1997
Christie’s Hong Kong: Autumn Series Auctions
November 3rd To 6th,1997
Collectors  World
W.O.J.Nieuwenkamp-First Eurpean Aritist On Bali
Jonathan Best Museum Curator   54

John L. Silva   66

Kerry Nguyen-Long   78

Clarence F. Shangraw   96

Simone And Alan Hartman  108

Jeanne De Guardiola  114

Colin Sheaf  119

Wim Pijbes  128

March-April 1998
Volume 28 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath

Introduction: South Asian Collections At
The British Museum 
Early India: Third Century B.C. To Fifth Century A.D.   
Rare Book And Map Room 
Jonathan Best At The Gbr Museum
Gandhara Stupa Deposits
North India: Sixth To Thirteenth Century   
Eastern India: Sixth To Twentieth Century  
South India   
Mughal Painting:Princes And Potentates
Saleroom News
Sotheby’s Hong Kong:
Chinese Ceramics, Works Of Art And Jade Carvings
November 5th And 6th,1997
Christie’s Amsterdam: Hindu And Buddhist Art
November 19th,1997
Collectors  World
Wisdom And Compassion-The Sacred Art Of Tibet   

J.R. Knox    56
Michael Willis    66

Museum Curator     54
Elizabeth Errington     80
Michael Willis     88
Michael Willis     98
T.Richard Blurton   120
Sheila Canby   130

Henry Howard-Snetd   140

Hugo Kreijger  145

Maggie Pai   153