Arts of  Asia 1983-1988

January-February 1983
Volume 13 Number 1
Price 1,500 Bath


Triennial Index  1980-1982  
The Mausoleum of the Emperor Jahangir  
Indian Reverse Painting on Glass  
Gandharan Art of Central Asia  
Terracotta Icons of Molela  
Sakta Images of Orissa   
Chewing Betel Through the Ages  
Saleroom News  
The Heavenly Lords
Collectors’ Column    
Lapidary Arts of Jaipur   

Arts of Asia      49
Khalid Mahmud      57
Roy C. Craven, Jr      67
Bebe Fleiss Orzac &  Edward S.  Orzac      78
Pramod Kumar      88
Thomas Donaldson      94
Beowulf K. Klebert    107
Philippa Vaughan,  Anthony Thompson,
Ursula Roberts    114
Keith G. Stevens    125

S.L. Mandawat   142

March-April 1983
Volume 13 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath

Contents : Japan Issue
Shoko,an Untypical Netsuke Carver  
Japanese Fans of the Meiji Period  
Legacies of Kamakura   
The Courtly Crickets     
The Temple Town of Arthuna  
The Japanese Personal Smoking Set  
Japanese Pottery : Wanton and Otherwise  
The New National Noh Theatre of Japan  
 Saleroom News
   Sotheby’s New York : The Luboshez Collection  
Collectors’ Column   
   Sumida Gawa Wares

Raymond Bushell      55
Neville John Irons      62
Victor Dove      72
Carol Hammond      81
Pramod Kumar      88
William and Betty Parker      94
Alan Dwight   106
Irmgard Johnson   117
Timothy Sammons   121

Sandra Andacht   141

July-August 1983
Volume 13 Number 4                        
Price 1,500 Bath


Philippines Issue Prehistoric Gold Ornaments from the Central Bank of the Philippines
Sunlight and Brown Madonnas
Early Maps of the Philippines
Domestic Furniture of the Philippines
Northern Philippine Primitive Wooden art
An Introduction to Philippine Colonial Carvings in Ivory
Asian Ivories in Mexico and the Galleon Trade 
Saleroom News

Collectors’ Column               


Jesus T. Peralta      51
Rodolfo Paras-Perez      56
Carlos Quirino      65
Milagros Covarrubias Jamir      75
Pynky Gomez-Garcia      84
Esperanza Bunag Gatbonton      94
Patricia Justiniani Mcreynolds    100
Patricia Curtin and Catherine Emmons
     Carolyn Law, Colin Sheaf     104
Arts of Asia Reports     124
Shekwan Art Wares     130
Natalie V. Robinson     134

November-December 1983
Volume 13 Number 6
Price 1,500 Bath


Durham University Oriental Museum
The Egyptian Collection  
   Some well known egyptian pieces reconsidered
   An egyptian figure restored
The Ancient Near East
   A nestorian gravestone
The Islamic Collection  
   Two persian tiles  
Indian paintings Andrew
Buddhist Art from India and Tibet
   Buddhist sculptures in the indian tradition
   Tibetan paintings
   A felt screen from mongolia
Chineses Art at Durham     
   Sir charles hardinge, the man and his jades 
   A chinese bed for a european trader
Selections From the Japanese Collection
   Some japanese export porcelains
   Netsuke and Associated Art-forms 
   The shin bijin of toyohara chikanobu
Saleroom News
Collectors’ Column    

John Ruffle     65
J.R. Harris     76
Claude V Andersleyen     80
J. Healey     87
Oliver Watson     90
Topsfield     93
W. Zwalf     96
Beth Stockley     100
M.Burkett     103
Michael Gulbenkian     115
Craig Clunas     126
O.R. Impey     130
George Lazarnick     132
Joe Earle     135
Patricia Curtin, Andrew Kahane, Colin Sheaf     137
P.P. Courtenay and Neil J. Chadwick     158
Robert Moore     157

March-April  1984
Volume 14 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath


Japanese Blue and White Porcelain
Part I  
Part II 
Kano Tessai and His Last Apprentice
Antique Maps of Japan  
A step in time : Staircase Chests of old Japan
Travels by Netsuke 
Saleroom News   
   Oriental rugs in new york
   Snuff bottles in Paris  Gayle
   Hong kong reports 
Collectors’ Column
   The Asian Interface : Australian Artists and the far East
   Blue and white chinese Porcelain
   Wu Tso-jen: Contemporary chinese Painter

Sir Peter Smithers     55

William Tilley     62
Peter Bufton     67
William and Betty Parker     72
Sir Hugh Cortazzi     85
Rosy Glarke     96
Raymond Bushell     104

Gloria Glasser     110
Gray Laverlochere     114
Ursula Roberts     116

Alan Dwight     130
David S. Freedman     136
Yang Ling     139

May-June 1984
Volume 14 Number 3
Price 1,500 Bath                         


Amorsolo : Master of the sun   
Apsaras at Angkor Wat  
Sadaik-Burmese Manuscript Chests  
Modern Mien Silver
Some Towels and Other Turkish Embroideries  
Reflections of bronze Age China in Pre-Columbian American Art  
Saleroom News
   Japanese Works of Art in London  
   Netsuke and inro from a Private Collection Part I  
   Chinese snuff bottles in London   
   Chinese works of art in New York  
   Japanese, Chinese, Central and Southeast Asian
   Works of Art in New York  
   Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art in London  
Folk Design on Chinese Packaging
Collectors’ Column
   Modern baskets of china
   Restoring china’s past :
   The funerary chariots of ch’in shih huang-ti
Japan’s New commemorative Stamp 

Rodolpho Paras-Perez      45
K.M. Seivastava      55
Sylvia Fraser –Lu      68
Margaret G. Forsythe      75
Jehan S. Rajab      82

Audrey Mcbain      88

Peter Bufton      97
Peter Bufton     100
Robert Kleiner     102
Timothy Sammons     103

Howard Zar     106
Robert Kleiner     108
Roger D. Meyer     110

Sharon La Pierre     123

Ouyang Ts’ai-wei     131
Irmgard Johnson     136

July-August 1984
Volume 14 Number 4
Price 1,500 Bath

A Glimpse of the Golden  Temple of Nepal
The Contemporary Movement in Nepalese Art
Bhaktapur-the City Vishnu May Have built
The Newar Window  
Family Portraits-A Rana Album Chronicle
Museum Without Walls –Wayside Sculpture
   In the Kathmandu Valley
Nepalese Cottage Crafts  
Metal Casting in Nepal 
Ethnic Jewellery of Nepal   
Saleroom News   
Collectors’ Column    
   Chinese Ivory figures : the chang-chou school of carving  
   Galerie Koller zurich    

Dhurba K. Deep     43
Jagdish  Chitrakar     60
Desmond Doig     73
Jonas Lehrman     80
Rene Brus     87

Deepak Shimkhada     96
Bindu D. Adhikara     101
Evelyn Domingo-Barker And David K. Barker  107
Evelyn Domingo-Barker And David K. Barker  111
Ursula Roberts     117

Colin Sheaf     128
Christian A. Bernhard     138

November-December 1984
Volume 14 Number 6
Price 1,500 Bath


The Arts of the Islamic Book  
Sacred Heirlooms     
The Cricket Story
Metalwork of the Shanghai Bund   
Kampong Pastimes   
Some Jades in a Collection in Taiwan  
Two London Antique Fairs in June   
Saleroom News
   The hatcher collection of ming and transitional Porcelain  
   Important ancient chinese bronzes,ceramics and works of art  
Collectors’ Column 
   Ivories of China and the East   
   The Lure of Mehendi    

Shehbaz H. Safrani     55
Rene Brus     67
Barry J. Soloman     76
Richard Jones     88
Massimo Baistrocchi     100
Liu Liang-yu     106
Roger Keverne     111

Colin Sheaf     116

Robert Kleiner     120

Roger Keverne     132
Chakresh Jain     138

January-February 1985
Volume 15 Number 1
Price 1,500 Bath


Arab Furniture of the Nineteenth Century
100 Years of Philippine Painting
Jade Carving in Two Cities
Tibetan Prayer Wheels  
The Buddhist Art of Tibet
The Stone Collection 
The Chun Tradition 
Saleroom News
   Rippon Boswell : Antique Islamic Carpets  
   Christie’s London : Japanese Art  
Images of Identity      
Collectors’ Column 
   Locating the Ancient Site of Peking 
   Chinese fan Painting 

Jehan S. Rajab     43
Patricia Mcreynolds     55
Stephen Markbreiter     63
Alvin Hunter     74
Marylin M. Rhie     82
Saker Mistri & Nuriah     96
Natalie V. Robinson     104

Ursula Roberts     110
Peter Bufton     115
Siri Gunasinghe     119

T’ien Ching-Tung     136
Timothy Mertel     139

March-April 1985
Volume 15 Number 2                        
Price 1,500 Bath

Moa Museum of Art at Atami
Yokohama Prints
Aesthetics of Tsuba
Tatsuzo Shimaoka: Japanese Potter
Miniatures of Japanese Bamboo Art
Betel Leaf Holders
Meiji Ceramics
Saleroom News   
   Chinese Paintings in Hong Kong
   Chinese Export Porcelain
   Western Influenced Japanese Art
Handbooks and Catalogues Ursula
Collectors’ Column
   The World of Tibetan Rugs 

Sir Hugh Cortazzi     50
Barbara Thoren     59
Robert Burawoy     67
Sir Hugh Cortazzi     73
Walter e. Lutz     81
Francoise Verwilghen     98
Marnin and Norma Spigelman     106

Arnold Chang     112
Colin Sheaf     118
Peter Bufton     122
Roberts, Shehbaz H.Safrani     126

Arthur Leeper     132

November-December 1985
Volume 15 Number 6
Price 1,500 Bath


South & Southeast  Asian Art at the Los
Angeles County Museum of Art : Introductory Remarks
1. Indian Sculpture
2. The Sri Lankan Collection
3. The Nepalese Collection
4. The Art of Tibet 
5. The Art of Southeast Asia  
Saleroom News 
Chinese Sales at Sotheby’s
Chinese Sale at Christie’s
Collectors’ Column
Buddhism : Art and Faith
Chinese Jade : The Image from Within 

Pratapaditya Pal     65
Pratapadiya Pal     68
Vidya Dehejia     80
Mary Shepherd Slusser     90
Robert E. Fisher     102
Robert L. Brown     114

Theow Huang Thow, Robert Kleiner     126
Andrew Kahane     137

Frances Wood     143
Philip Cardeiro     151

January-February 1986
Volume 16 Number 1
1,500 Bath

Triennial Index 1983-1985   
Macau Past And Present: Introduction.
Buildings From Macau’s Past 
The Old Protestant Cemetry    
George Chinnery’s Views Of Macau  
Four Artists Of The Lingnan Scho  
Hearitage Preservation Work In Macau Today   
Behind The Scenes 9 
Saleroom News
The Publisher Meets With David Bathurst     
Festival Of India At Sotheby’s New York
Collectors  Column
The Asia And Pacific Museum In Warsaw  
Two Silla Period Temples Near Pusan 
Netsuke: Japanese Sculpture In Miniature   

Ursula Roberth     49
Brian Cuthbertson     57
Cesar Guillen-Nunez     66
Shann Davies     72
Geoffrey Bonsall     78
Chio Man-Fong     93
J.L. Marinho De Bastos     98
Paula Gasparello     105

Tuyet  Nguyet     108
Jane B. Werner     112

Andrzej Wawrzyniak     124
Victor Dove     130
Letitia Burns o’connor     141

September-October 1986
Volume 16 Number 5
Price 1,500 Bath


Japanese Potter: Kenji Funaki    
Antique Japanese Festivel Dolls.    
The Appeciation Of Zen Art
The Old Protestant Cemetry       
Treasures From The  Christian Century  
Janpanese Cloisonne:
Its Craftsmanship And Artistry     
The Museum Georges Labit    
Saleroom News   
May Sales At Sotheby’s In Hong Kong     
Chinese Paintings At Sotheby’s   
Western Influenced Japanese Art At Christie’s London   
Japanese Works Of Art At Christie’s London  
Handbooks And Catalogues
Tall Storeys  
The World Of Kameda Bosai   
Japanese Ghosts & Demons, Art Of The Supernatural   
Collectors  Column
From Earth And Sea: The Hidden History Of Thailand  
The Oriental Match-Safe    

Sir Hugh Cortazzi      52
Timothy M. Mertel     58
John Stevens     68
Shann Davies     72

W.H. Tilley     82
Beowulf K. Klebert     107

Michael Markbreiter     112
Arnold Chang     117
Mark Hinton     120
Peter J. Bufton     123

Stemphen Markbreiter     127
Belinda Sweet     129
Lesley Fanwick     131

Linda E. Villiers     134
Earle  J. Stone     142

November-December 1986
Volume 16 Number 6
Price 1,500 Bath
Chinese Painting In The Imperial Age
The Natonal Palace Museum And Its Collection
Part 1: From Antiquity To The Sung
Part 2: The Tuan Dynasty.    
Part 3: The Ming Dynasty    
Part 4: The Ch’ing Dynasty     
Wang Yao-t’ing     65
Lee Yu-Min    85
Tu Shu-Hua    96
Ho Ch’uan-Hsing     112
Translations Of The Author’s Original Chinese Text By Andrew Morton
Ju Ming: International Chinese Sculptor  
Saleroom News
Chinese Sales At Sotheby’s In London       
Chinese Sale At Christie’s In London   
The Temple Of Banteay Srei In Kampuchea    
Collectors  Column
The United States National Bonsai Collection 
Chang Tsong-Zung & Harold Wong     122

 Robert  Kleiner     130
Michael Charles Hughes     134
K.M. Srivastava     138

James R. Newton     150

March-April 1987
Volume 17 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath

The Metropolitan Museum, New York:
A New Place For Japanese Art    
An Anglo-Indian Enigma:  Frank Clinger Scallan Pramode
“Blue Beads To Trade With The Natives”  
Ancient Arakan     
Wang Shu-Sen: China’s Top Jade Carver
Behind The Scenes 11  
Minor Arts During The Cultural Revolution   
Saleroom News
Chinese Sales At Sotheby’s In Hong Kong  
Chinese Paintings At Sotheby’s   
Indian, Himalayan And South-East Asian Art In London
Collectors  Column
Balinese Wooden Calendars    
Petty Offences In Illustrated Japanese   Law Texts During The Early Meiji  Period     

Candace J. Lewis     66
Greta Rana And S.J.B. Rana     82
Adelheid Munan-Oettli     88
Sylvia Fraser-Lu     96
Chao Ch’ing-Hua     110
Mary Ann Chait     113
Stephen Markbreiter     115

Michael Markbreiter     126
Arnold Chang     132
Brendan Lynch     135

Dominique Gardan     142

Albert G. Hess And Shigeyo Murayama     150

September-October 1987
Volume 17 Number 5
Price 1,500 Bath


The Ohara Museum Of Art At Kurashiki   
Surimono-Ukiyo-E Refined   
Lotus Moon-The Art Of The  Buddhist Nun Rengetsu 
Japanese Metal Art In The Meiji Era  
The Lacquer Work Of Suzuki  Mutsumi      
Bluish-White And Ying-Ch’ing Wares Of Chingtechen     
Saleroom News :
Japanese Works Of Art At Christie’s New York    
Chinese Decorative Works Art At Sotheby’s New York
Three May Sales At Sotheby’s Hong Kong 
Collectors  Column
The Raymond And Frances Bushell  Collection Of  Netsuke
Selected Chinese Snuff Bottles-The J And Collection
Salon Annuel De l’antiquite In Paris
A Major Exhibition Of Islamic Art In Denmark

Sir Hugh Cortazzi     69
Timothy Mertel     80
John Stevens     89
Gerd Lester     97
Julia Segraves     109
Liu Liang-Yu     117

Sebastian Izzard     125
Lark E. Mason, Jr     128
Michael Markbreiter     132

William Tilley     142
Colin Sheaf     145
Gayle Laverlochere     148
Christopher Gandy     151

January-February 1988
Volume 18 Number 1
Price 1,500 Bath

Yao-Chou Ware: A Highly  Decorative Northern
The Dragon In Chinese Art
Wedding Jewellery In Malaysia   
Some Little Known Metal Images From Orissa   
The Balinese Theatre: Dance And Drama     
The Lacquer Work Of Suzuki  Mutsumi
A Classical Ming Dynasty  Garden In Vancouver, Canada
Paper Money Of Macau    
Saleroom News
Chinese Decorative Works Of Art At Sotheby’s New York
Chinese Snuff Bottles At Christie’s London  
Collectors  Column
The Burmese Collection At Denison University  
Museum Of Chinese Australian History  
Pad Paintings Of Rajasthan: A Unique From Of Indian Art 

Liu Liang-Yu     55
Ka Bo Tsang     60
Rene Brus     68
Thomas Donaldson     76
 John Fowler     86
Noel F. Singer     94
Elizabeth Sault     103
William L.S. Barrett     111

Carol Conover     121
Colin Sheaf     125

Ursula Roberts     132
Wendy Fisher     136
Ram Kumar     138

March-April 1988
Volume 18 Number 2
Price 1,500 Bath


The Chester Beatty  Collection Of Snuff  
Iban Tuntun  
Wedding Jewellery In Malaysia   
Tattoo Weights From Burma  
Hindu Temple Arcture In Orissa:
The Realm Of Jagannath  
The Chinese Paintings Of Li k’e-Jan  (Li Keran ) 
The Beads Of India     
Saleroom News :
Chinese Sales At Sotheby’s Hong Kong
Chinese Snuff Bottles From The Collection Of Eric Young: Part ||
Collectors Column            
Temples, Pavilions And Parks In Yunnan     

Jan Chapman     57
Michael Heppell And  Limbang Anak Melaka     64
Rene Brus     68
Noel F. Singer     70

Roy C. Craven, Jr     80
Liu Hai-Hsiang     95
Peter Francis, Jr     102

Michael Markbreiter     113

Robert Kleiner     121
Victor Dove     133

May-June 1988
Volume 18 Number 3
Price 1,500 Bath
The Charlotte C. And John C. Weber Galleries For The Arts Of Ancent China At The Metropolitan Museum  
The Dilwara Temples At Mont Abu, Rajasthan  
The Creation Of The Royal Pavilion At Brighton
The Furnishings Of The Royal Pavilion   
Designs, Paintings And Wall- Coverings For The Royal Pavilion     
Nurhachi And Abahai: Their Palace And Mausolea   
Saleroom News :
Indian, Himalayan And South-East Asian Art At Sotheby’s London
Fine Chinese Ceramics And Works Of Art At Christie’s New York    
Chinese Sales At Christie’s Hong Kong
Collectors Column
The Ancient Bridges Of Soochow  

Julia K. Murray     93
Marcello Tranchini     113
Patrick Conner     126
John Dinkel     133
Patrick Conner     139
Paula Swart And Barry Till     148

Brendan Lynch     158
Theow-Huang Tow     161
Michael Markbreiter     164

Peter Coyne     174