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Ulat-Ulatan: Traditional Baske

E22070  More ..
Ulat-Ulatan: Traditional Baske
By Eiseman, Fred B.


Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea,

E22618  More ..
Ultimate Guide to Chinese Tea,
By Hinsch, Bret


Understanding Recruitment Indu

N4116  More ..
Understanding Recruitment Indu
By Nitthat Theeravit


Uzbekistan and the United Stat

I9110  More ..
Uzbekistan and the United Stat
By Akbarzadeh, Shahram


Vaishali and the Indianization

I9579  More ..
Vaishali and the Indianization
By Singer, Noel F.


Vegetable and Fruit Carving

N4392  More ..
Vegetable and Fruit Carving
By Nidda Hongwiwat


Vers Un Sens de La Terre

E21806  More ..
Vers Un Sens de La Terre
By Boulbet, Jean


Vietnam and American Doctrine

E22188  More ..
Vietnam and American Doctrine
By Johnson, Wray R.


Vietnamese and Chinese Ceramic

I6335  More ..
Vietnamese and Chinese Ceramic
By Honda, Hiromu and Noriki Shimazu


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Cultural Sites of Burma, Thailand, and Cambodia

Dumarcay, Jacques & Michael Smithies ; Cultural Sites of Burma, Thailand, and Cambodia
The considerable number of mainland Southeast Asia’s ancient cultural sites are increasingly visited and appreciated by overseas travelers, for example the complex of Angkor in Cambodia. Burma has its equivalent in Pagan and in the more recent center of Mandalay, where the last Burmese king held court. Thailand has a large number of monumental architectural sites in addition to the well-known ones of Ayuthia and Sukhothai. The religious structures that have survived are given prominence in this volume.

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John Thomson: The Early Years

E22694  Read more ...
John Thomson: The Early Years ...
By Montague, Joel & Jim Mizerski


Textiles, Crafts and Customs o

E22685  Read more ...
Textiles, Crafts and Customs o...
By Scherman, Lucian & Christine


Harry Howard

N4396  Read more ...
Harry Howard...
By Howard, Julie


Spirits in the Loom : Religion

E22692  Read more ...
Spirits in the Loom : Religion...
By Findle, Ellison Banks


By Motorcar from Saigon to Ang

E22693  Read more ...
By Motorcar from Saigon to Ang...
By Montpensier, Duc de


Pagan and Burma in 1899

E22686  Read more ...
Pagan and Burma in 1899...
By Thomann, Th. H


Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde

E22689  Read more ...
Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde...
By Desmond, Ball


Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde

E22688  Read more ...
Tor Chor Dor: Thailand's Borde...
By Desmond, Ball

  New Books 2013
  More books.... 

Phasa Phu Thai Phuea Sukkhapha

T28291  Read more ...
Phasa Phu Thai Phuea Sukkhapha...
By Mollerup, Asger & Thanyalak Chaiyasuk


Around Laos in 1900, Vol. 2

E22682  Read more ...
Around Laos in 1900, Vol. 2...
By Raquez, A.


A German Surgeon's Siamese Arm

E22684  Read more ...
A German Surgeon's Siamese Arm...
By Friedrich Schaefer


The Vanishing Traces:

E22683  Read more ...
The Vanishing Traces:...
By Ahmed, Iftekhar


Cultural Revival and the Peopl

E22676  Read more ...
Cultural Revival and the Peopl...
By Nong Quoc Binh & Michael C. Howard


The Thai Food Complex

E22679  Read more ...
The Thai Food Complex...
By Poupon, Roland


Knights of the Realm: Thailand

E22678  Read more ...
Knights of the Realm: Thailand...
By Chambers, Paul


The Aesthetics of Power

E22677  Read more ...
The Aesthetics of Power...
By Koompong, Noobanjong

  New Books 2012
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Around Laos in 1900. A Photogr

E22665  Read more ...
Around Laos in 1900. A Photogr...
By Raquez, A


Plumeria in Thailand : A Guide

E22666  Read more ...
Plumeria in Thailand : A Guide...
By Pein, Joerg


Railways and Tramways of Việ

E22669  Read more ...
Railways and Tramways of Việ...
By Doling, Tim


Rails of the Kingdom

E22673  Read more ...
Rails of the Kingdom...
By Kakizaki, Ichiro


Thai Popular Music : Thai Popu

E22668  Read more ...
Thai Popular Music : Thai Popu...
By Jaiser, Gerhard


Wondering into Thai Culture

E22007  Read more ...
Wondering into Thai Culture...
By Redmond, Mont

  New Books 2011..
    More books.... 

Innosense: A Journey of Love

N3616  Read more ...
Innosense: A Journey of Love...
By Langat, Nick


Food from Northern Laos: The B

N3553  Read more ...
Food from Northern Laos: The B...
By Culloty, Dorothy & Kees Sprengers


Laos in the 1920s : The Gods,

E22650  Read more ...
Laos in the 1920s : The Gods, ...
By Renaud, Jean


Akha and Phu Noi Minorities in

E22659  Read more ...
Akha and Phu Noi Minorities in...
By Roux, Henri


Belgian Tourists in Burma, Sia

E22649  Read more ...
Belgian Tourists in Burma, Sia...
By Chaudoir, Georges & Mr. & Mrs. Emile Jottrand

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