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At the South-East Asian Table

ISBN :   9789676531070
WL Order Code :    I8096
  Ho, Alice Yen

At the South-East Asian Table


Food as a daily meal or as a religious offering is fundamental to the cultures of Southeast Asia and is a source of utmost enjoyment to its people. Methods of preparing tasty and economical meals are often discussed with passion, and sacrifices to gods and spirits are invariably conducted with great rejoicing. This book explores the multifaceted aspects of food in Southeast Asia. Beginning with a historical and sociological survey of Southeast Asian food and eating habits, it goes on to discuss the ingredients and spices used in the region, the character of the food markets, the changing styles of the kitchens, and the different styles of cooking and eating from the past to the present. A final chapter examines common Southeast Asian sayings based on the food and culinary habits of the region.

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