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Daughters of Development, The
ISBN :   9781856495882
WL Order Code :    I7977
Price :    US$12.00
Print :   London 1998,
Size :   176 pp., illus., 135 x 215 mm pbk. Weight  0.210 kg
  Sittirak, Sinith

Daughters of Development, The
:The Stories of Women and The Changing Environment in Thailand
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This is a powerful feminist critique of the Western concept of development, which has brought profound changes to the lives of women in the South over the last thirty years. It is also an attempt to rediscover and rehabilitate traditional indigenous knowledge as an important basis for empowering women and re-establishing the foundation of reciprocity in North-South dialogue. The author looks at the damage “progress” has wreaked on the lives of Thai sex workers and of indigenous peoples globally and contrasts this with a portrait in words and pictures of her own “undeveloped” mother, “gardener, agriculturalist, cook, entertainer, tool and toy inventor and maker, traditional doctor, resources manager, energy conservationist, food scientist, home economist, sustainable developer, ecologist and environmentalist”.

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