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Thai and Cambodian Sculpture
ISBN :   9783608762648
WL Order Code :    I6621
Price :    US$117.00
Print :   Stuttgart 1988,
Size :   253 pp., illus. in col., 235 x 320 mm  Weight  1.500 kg
  Felten, Wolfgang and Martin Lerner

Thai and Cambodian Sculpture
:from the 6th to the 14th centuries
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This book brings together previously unpublished Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese stone and bronze sculptures from nine centuries—from the style of Phnom Da, the mysterious mountain temple in the Mekong Delta, to the style of the Bayon, the apogee of Cambodian architecture. Selected from well-established private collections and museums all over the world, these forty-one sculptures, all of extra-ordinary quality, demonstrate how the highly developed civilization in Southeast Asia generated a power and aesthetic of its own.

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