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Sanskrit Buddhism in Burma
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Print :   Rangoon 1970, repr. from 1936
Size :   118 pp., 155 x 240 mm  Weight  0.310 kg
  Ray, Nihar-Ranjan

Sanskrit Buddhism in Burma

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The materials used in this monograph are mostly archaeological, but also include archaeologically substantiated literary sources so as to cover all relevant inscriptions, sculptures, paintings and monuments known within Burma. Apart from new materials that were hitherto unknown, many new interpretations of old materials have been proposed. This text reveals the prevalence of the Sarvastivada in Old Prome, the definite existence of Mahayanist and Tantric texts in the monastic libraries of Upper Burma, and the unrecognized representations of gods and goddesses belonging to the Mahayana tradition and its allied pantheons. The text also establishes that the Samanakuttakas, are identical with the Aris, both branded heterodox sects. It indicates the time and place whence the Mahayana and its allied cults penetrated Burma, as well as their continued existence long after the glorious reformation of Anawrahta in 1057-1058 AD. There are sufficient indications that the numerous followers of these sects played a significant role in the religious life of Upper Burma. The six chapters deal with: 1. Sarvastivada in Ancient Prome; 2. Sanskrit Inscriptions: Sanskrit Buddhist Texts; 3. Gods and Goddesses of Northern Buddhism; 4. The Ari sect and the Samankuttakas; 5. Testimony of Buddhist Monks; and 6. When and whence did Sanskrit Buddhism penetrate Burma?

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