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Lao Postcards by Houel, Barbat, Mottet, & Others: Old          Postcards Series Vol. 2: Laos
ISBN :   9789747534771
WL Order Code :    E22718
Price :    US$42.00
Print :   Bangkok, 2017
Size :   200 pp.,illus, 16 pp. in col, 210 x 295 mm. pbk. Weight  0.800 kg
  Ande, Diethard

Lao Postcards by Houel, Barbat, Mottet, & Others: Old Postcards Series Vol. 2: Laos
:with Contributions by William Lloyd Gibson (on Raquez's identity), Philippe Drillien, and Dominique Geay-Drillien
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Lao Postcards by Houel, Barbat, Mottet, and others is the volume 2 of the Old Postcard Series. This volume covers five postcard publishers who produced Lao postcards: Houel, G. Barbat, Mottet & Cie, La Maison d’Art Colonial, Edition de la Cie Coloniale du Laos and a collection of Lao maps on postcards Houel was a customs officer in Southern Laos and his postcards reflect his work with some unique photos hardly shown on other postcards He is one of the few one-country postcard photographer and publisher, like Raquez was. G. Barbat published nearly only hunting postcards shot in southern Laos, northeast Cambodia and Cochinchina. He can be regarded as a one-topic publisher and also only in one area Both publishers have in common, that all are personal photos Mottet was a publishing house of postcards of the Indochinese countries as well as a trading house and its photos were made by different photographers who are not recorded The other two publishers were promoters of French colonies. La Maison d’Art Colonial produced series of 20 cards each of many colonies. Here only Laos and Cambodia are shown. And a separate series only covers only Angkor in Cambodia Edition de la Cie Coloniale du Laos (Ventiane) is also a one country postcard publisher The map section is a collection of maps on postcards done by different publishers and for Different purposes like postcards and also advertising cards for certain products Besides the sections covering the publishers seversal articles analyze different aspects of the postcards and compare them with other cards As Barbat deals with hunting cards, some contributions also cover cards made by Defosse, a hunter and some other hunting cards by Decoly (whose cards also prominently covered in volume 1, as he duplicated many of Raquez postcards under his brand Decoly and also La Pagode) And the most important article deals with new information of Alfred Raquez, the foremost publisher/photograph of Laos. William Gibson discovered his real name and identity. This is also a correction of information given in volume 1: Lao Postcards by Alfred Raquez

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