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Eating in Northeastern Cambodia

  ISBN : 9789748495453
  WL Order Code :  E22703
  Price :  US$22.00
  Bangkok 2015
  417 pp., 64 pp. illus. in col, 2 pp. maps, 150 x 215 mm, Weight  0.585 kg
  Istasse, Manon; Eating in Northeastern Cambodia
: A Socio-Anthropological Approach to Highland Food In Ratanakiri
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Eating in Northeastern Cambodia. A Socio-AnthropologicalApproach to Highland Food in Ratanakiri investigates food among societies practicing swidden agriculture in Ratanakiri province, Northeastern Cambodia. The author provides a qualitative and anthropological description of food habits, practices and representations among these non-Khmer (Kreung, Tampuan, Kavet and Jaraï) populations who live in small, dispersed villages. Her investigation questions the relevance of the concept of affluent societies in contemporary Ratanakiri.

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