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Rebellion in Laos
ISBN :   9789744800268
WL Order Code :    E22314
Price :    US$18.00
Print :   Bangkok 2003, rev.repr. from 1990
Size :   321 pp., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.440 kg
  Gunn, Geoffrey C.

Rebellion in Laos
:Peasant and Politics in a Colonial Backwater
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The book examines two interconnected themes. First, the incorporation of Laos into a colonial-capitalist system of surplus accumulation; and, second, the rebellious and non-rebellious responses of the majority and, particularly, the minority peasantry of that country to the fundamental changes in their moral, social, political and economic order. Both areas of exploration are explained with reference to the general phenomenon of world-historical expansion.

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