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Bali: People and Art Bali: People and Art
ISBN :   9789747534276
WL Order Code :    E22160
Price :    US$33.00
Print :   Bangkok 2000, first English trans. of 1922
Size :   337 pp., 273 pp. illus., 210 x 295 mm pbk. Weight  1.500 kg
  Krause, Gregor & Karl With

Bali: People and Art
:(First English translation from 1922)
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The first English translation of Bali, the popular second edition of a German classic introduction to the island published in 1922. The book was a bestseller because of Gregor Krause’s unique photographs, which he made when he was a medical doctor in the employ of the Dutch on Bali from 1912 until 1914. The introductory text covers almost all aspects of life and art on Bali as well as its nature and its trade with neighboring islands. It still is a remarkable introduction to an island that flourished culturally before the onslaught of the tourist industry. The attentive visitor will still recognize vistas of this rich past in the scenes and especially in the people he’ll meet there nowadays.

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