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Siam: Rural Economic Survey 1930-1931
ISBN :   9789747534023
WL Order Code :    E22126
Price :    US$22.00
Print :   Bangkok 1999, repr. from 1932;
Size :   337 pp., 7 pp. illus., 1 folded map in pocket, 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.550 kg
  Zimmermann, Carle C.

Siam: Rural Economic Survey 1930-1931

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This is the first survey of the Siamese rural population. The author compiled everything anyone needed to know about the rural Siamese. His efforts lie before you: a wealth of tables detailing the eating habits, living expenses, diseases, birth and death rates of the people. Here one can discover the average number of farm animals per family in the North, Northeast, South and Central parts of the country. There are comparisons of the cost of glutinous and garden rice alongside explanations of the kilogram equivalent for the measures used by farmers to sell their paddy. One can examine the nutritional values of foods such as shrimp paste and fermented fish as well as a complete chemical analysis for common salts consumed in Siam. It is a remarkably detailed work and a valuable source for further studies.

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