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Three Years in Vietnam (1907-1910)
ISBN :   9789748434537
WL Order Code :    E22061
Price :    US$17.00
Print :   Bangkok 1999, repr. from 1910;
Size :   284 pp., illus., 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.570 kg
  Vassal, Gabrielle M.

Three Years in Vietnam (1907-1910)
:Medicine, Chams and Tribesmen in Nhatrang and Surroundings
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This doctor’s wife diaries cover a great number of aspects of the life of Vietnamese, Cham and hill tribe people around Nhatrang as well as that of the life of a French medical doctor and his wife in colonial Vietnam. Gabrielle Vassal, a British national, had a good eye for the position of women and for daily household life and used her keen sense of observation and inquiry to analyze what she saw. The Vassals engage in the usual touristic and health excursions to the Langbian plateau with its agricultural station, but also in big game hunting, at that time still acceptable. The book provides a good overview of local ceremonies, superstitions and beliefs, and of the medical issues confronting the administration. This book’s descriptions are greatly enhanced by more than one hundred extremely rare period photographs of all aspects of the life of these peoples and of some of the old Cham monuments in Nhatrang.

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