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Palms of Malaya
ISBN :   9789748434551
WL Order Code :    E22032
Price :    US$25.00
Print :   Bangkok 1998, repr. from 1977;
Size :   176 pp., 24 pp. illus., 8 pp. in col., 210 x 295 mm pbk. Weight  0.640 kg
  Whitmore, T. C.

Palms of Malaya
:(Reprint with additional plates and updates from 1977)
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This guide provides a unique and easy introduction to the palms of Southeast Asia. Palms are one of the most distinctive and visually striking families of tropical plants. They are of immense importance to humans, and many are planted or harvested for their useful products, or as ornamentals. Think of coconut, oil palm, betel palm and rattans, or royal palm, sealing wax palms and talipot, to name a few. For wild palms the focus is on rain forest species and these extend north of Malaya into the wetter parts of Thailand, Indochina and Burma. This book makes it easy to recognize the different wild and cultivated palms of Southeast Asia, using silhouette drawings, simple descriptions and photographs. It describes the many useful products palms provide, their role in the rural economy and their place in the rainforest ecosystems.

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