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Cars That Ate Bangkok,the (No.850)
ISBN :   9789748496641
WL Order Code :    E21843
Price :    US$60.00
Print :   Bangkok 1997,
Size :   104 pp., fully illus., 210 x 300 mm  Weight  0.860 kg
  Blenkinsop, Philip

Cars That Ate Bangkok,the (No.850)
:Being the True and Terrifying Pictorial Account of the Thai People's Struggle for Survival in the Age of the Automobile
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Being the true and terrifying pictorial account of the Thai people’s struggle for survival in the age of the automobile, this book takes you on a death-defying foot-to-the-floor ride through the streets of Bangkok and spits you out, nerves shattered and palms sweating amidst the fumes and dying breaths of those who lost track of their lives along the way. It is an unashamedly shocking and thought provoking volume that bravely tackles the horror of automobile induced waste in today’s society. Not for the faint-hearted, The Cars that Ate Bangkok will forever change the way you view the automobile. Pick it up and take to the streets again if you dare.

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