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Vers Un Sens de La Terre
ISBN :   9789746056083
WL Order Code :    E21806
Price :    US$16.50
Print :   Patani 1995, (French+English text)
Size :   138 pp., fully illus. in col., 210 x 260 mm pbk. Weight  0.520 kg
  Boulbet, Jean

Vers Un Sens de La Terre
:The Retreat of the Dense Forest in Southern Thailand During the Last Two,
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The retreat of the dense forest in Southern Thailand during the last two decades. For more than forty years, the author has surveyed the undergrowth of the dense forest of Southeast Asia thus discovering its rare and common species, its botanical treasures, and its inhabitants—animal and human. Jean Boulbet, scientist and story-teller, blends statistical data and poetry so that the reader may share the adventure of the great dense forest of this region. This book is testimony and appeal to man to regain a sense of the earth before it is too late.

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