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Folktales of Bhutan
ISBN :   9789748495965
WL Order Code :    E21668
Price :    US$18.00
Print :   Bangkok 1994,
Size :   219 pp., 37 pp. illus. text, 150 x 210 mm pbk. Weight  0.330 kg
  Choden, Kunzang

Folktales of Bhutan
:Chinese Painting and Printing of the Anhui Scholl
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This first attempt of a Bhutanese to record in English the oral tradition of this kingdom comprises a collection of 38 folktales and legends. The rugged and awesome terrain of Bhutan, which cherished a self-imposed isolation for centuries, and the people’s closeness to nature, together with their philosophy of karmic life cycles, an unquestioning belief in unseen co-inhabitants of the earth-like spirits, ghosts and demons, and the creative genius of the storytellers culminated in a remarkable repository of tales and legends which were passed on and developed through generations.

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