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Visions of Shwedagon
ISBN :   9789748495309
WL Order Code :    E21301
Price :    US$15.00
Print :   Bangkok 1989,
Size :   269 pp., illus., by author, 165 x 215 mm pbk. Weight  0.600 kg
  Aung Aung Taik

Visions of Shwedagon

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The biography of a Burmese painter exiled in the USA. When a sensitive man, a painter and Buddhist, is separated from his homeland, culture and co-religionists by the universal experience of emigration, what happens to him? Aung Aung Taik underwent that experience. Ranging from the social elite of Burmese society to the fast-food supermarket culture of America, this treatise overcomes the past through love. It hands down as instructive a guide as any young painter could want on the genesis of that craft and its relationship to Buddhist teaching. An Asian in America, an artist in the world, few modern writers explore so profoundly the immediate and personal meaning of dharma.

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