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Cambodian Diary Vol. 1: Tales

E21949  More ..
Cambodian Diary Vol. 1: Tales
By Bekaert, Jacques


Cambodian Diary Vol. 2: A Long

E22011  More ..
Cambodian Diary Vol. 2: A Long
By Bekaert, Jacques


Cambodian Gamble: Three Months

N2589  More ..
Cambodian Gamble: Three Months
By Jennar, Raoul M.


Cambodian Incursion... Legal I

X3449  More ..
Cambodian Incursion... Legal I
By Fox, Donald T.


Cambodian Linguistics, Literat

I6558  More ..
Cambodian Linguistics, Literat
By Jacob, Judith


Cambodian Literary Reader and

I5296  More ..
Cambodian Literary Reader and
By Huffman, Franklin E. and Im Proum


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Cambodian Prison Portrait, A

Cambodian Prison Portrait, A
By Vann Nath
136 pp., 8 pp. illus. in col., 150 x 210 mm
The harrowing tale of a survivor of a secret prison known as Tuol Sleng or S-21, where more than 14,000 men, women and children were tortured and executed during the Khmer Rouge regime. The author is one of only a handful of people who can describe life in the prison. Upon entering S-21 in 1977, Vann Nath was beaten and tortured and almost starved to death. But because of his prior training as an artist, he was not killed: instead he was put to work painting portraits of Pol Pot, or “Brother Number One”, leader of the Khmer Rouge’s crual experiment in radical Maoism. When Vietnamese troops invaded Cambodia and entered the capital city in January 1979, toppling the Khmer Rouge government, Vann Nath escaped. By that point more than one million people throughout Cambodia had died from executions, starvation, forced labor, or disease as a result of the Khmer Rouge’s attempt to force an agrarian revolution. When a Museum of Genocide was created on the grounds of the former prison at the end of 1979, Vann Nath went back to Tuol Sleng, working there for several years. He returned to his former craft, painting scenes of prison life so that visitors could learn of the crimes of the Khmer Rouge. His paintings hang in the museum today. Vann Nath’s words and paintings, published here, stand as a testimony to the horrors of Pol Pot’s Cambodia.
More Detail..
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Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan

Order Code N4888
Reamker: The Cambodian Ramayan...
By Stevens, Arjay
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Slices of Thai History from th

Order Code N4879
Slices of Thai History from th...
By Stearn, Duncan
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Taking it up the Blindside

Order Code N4758
Taking it up the Blindside...
By Prichard, Jon
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Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')

Order Code E22731
Kulap Saipradit ('Sriburapha')...
By Smyth, David
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Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2

Order Code E22729
Dancing for the Gods. Vol. 2...
By Guelden, Marlane
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Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai

Order Code N4749
Handbook of Asclepiads of Thai...
By Obchant Thaithong & Aroonrat & Manit Kidyoo
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Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma

Order Code N4748
Khmer Rouge Nationalism and Ma...
By Keo, Duong
..Read more..

Long Winding Road to Nakhon No

Order Code N4734
Long Winding Road to Nakhon No...
By Crutchley, Roger
..Read more..

Tangled in Time

Order Code N4732
Tangled in Time...
By Nevo (Shtelzer), Dajna
..Read more..

Forest Trees of Southern Thail

Order Code N4482/3
Forest Trees of Southern Thail...
By Gardner, Simon & Pindar Sidisunthorn & Kongkanda Chayamarit
..Read more..

Order Code E22728
"British Teak Wallahs in North...
By Prof. Kittichai Wattananikorn
..Read more..

Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e

Order Code E22727/CD
Ancient Khmer Sites in North-e...
By Mollerup, Asger
..Read more..

Dancing for The Gods

Order Code E22726
Dancing for The Gods...
By Guelden, Marlane
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First Queer Voices from Thaila

Order Code E22724
First Queer Voices from Thaila..
By Jackson, Peter A.
..Read more..

Phuket Days, Life in the Islan

Order Code E22723
Phuket Days, Life in the Islan..
By Campbell, Patrick
..Read more..

Going Places, Letting Go...A N

Order Code E22720
Going Places, Letting Go...A N..
By Matics, Kim
..Read more..

Pwo Karen in Focus: Photograph

Order Code E22719
Pwo Karen in Focus: Photograph..
By Hinton, Elizabeth
..Read more..

Lao Postcards by Houel, Barbat

Order Code E22718
Lao Postcards by Houel, Barbat..
By Ande, Diethard
..Read more..

Directory for Bangkok and Siam

Order Code E22717
Directory for Bangkok and Siam..
By Bangkok Times Press
..Read more..

Directory for Bangkok and Siam

Order Code E22716
Directory for Bangkok and Siam..
By Bangkok Times Press
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Titillating Tales from Norther

Order Code E22715
Titillating Tales from Norther..
By Brun, Viggo
..Read more..
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